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Dentist Near Me Schaumburg

Dentist Near Me You never know when you or your family member will have a toothache and need to visit the dentist. You can sit down and Google search, “Dentist Near Me” but you may get a number of results. In an emergency or urgent situation, it might be time consuming and hard to figure…

Travel Tips For Your Teeth

Top Travel Tips For Your Teeth

Travel and summer vacation plans are underway! Some families are choosing to take the time to visit family and close friends. Others are opting for a weekend camping trip. And some are happy to just go to the beach. Whatever your plans are for vacation we want to share some quick travel tips for your…

Perfect Dental Home

Tips To Choose The Perfect Dental Home

People are all unique. We all have different needs, wants and values. When it comes to the dentist, you should be selective and confident in who you choose to care for your smile and your family’s smile. At the Dental Store we want to make sure we fulfill your requirements for your dental home. For…

Dangers Of Dry Mouth - Dental Store

Dangers Of Dry Mouth

Dangers Of Dry Mouth Have you ever woken up to your mouth feeling dry or sticky? Are you constantly sipping on water to combat the dryness in your mouth? Does your breath smell unpleasant? You are not alone; new statistics show 1 in 4 adults suffer from xerostomia. Before we go over the dangers of…