COVID Updates

Dentist Covid

Since opening our first set of doors in 1964, our family-owned dental practice has placed an emphasis on patient care, safety, convenience, and patient experience. Our office has always followed all safety measures and protocols as outlined by the Occupational Safety and Healthy Administration (OSHA) and the American Dental Society (ADA). In wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have continued to place an emphasis on safety and have fully implemented an all new set of guidelines put in place by the ADA and Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines with respect to COVID-19, ensuring the safety of our patients and staff.

What to expect at your next visit during Covid-19

To the best of our ability, we will reschedule any patient known to have or expected to have an active case of COVID.

To accomplish this, we will have each patient complete a Covid-19 screening which will be sent before each appointment or may be completed upon arrival.  If you respond “YES” to any of the questions, we will ask you to contact our office prior to your appointment. We will determine if your appointment should be rescheduled.

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When you arrive to our office, please call or text us, we will respond back to invite you in when we are ready for your appointment. We ask all patients to wear a mask when entering and will provide one if needed.  Upon entry, we will take your temperature and review your screening prior to proceeding with your appointment.

The Dental Store has made significant changes to our guidelines and facilities to ensure the wellbeing of our patients’. Our team has gone above and beyond to make it safe and is proud to share the following list of changes with you.

Our enhanced precautions

  • Our Doctors and staff conduct daily Covid self-screening including a screening questionnaire and a temperature log.
  • All of our clinicians wear personal protective equipment (PPE) including certified N95 masks, either a gown or lab jacket, gloves, and face shields. All non-clinical staff wear face masks.
  • We have mounted acrylic barriers to protect patients and treatment coordinators from sneezing and coughing.
  • Cross contamination barriers have been installed separate each operatory into individual enclosed spaces to minimize the spread of aerosols.
  • We invested in high quality air purifiers and aerosol capture devices: Our IQAir systems are proven to remove 99.5% of particles half the size of the smallest Covid-19 virus every 3½ – 7 minutes.
  • We removed magazines, reading materials, toys, complimentary water and other objects that may harbor or transfer germs of any kind.
  • Hand sanitizer is positioned throughout our practice.
  • All appointments are scheduled with additional time to minimize possible contact with other patients and allow time to complete the additional safety protocols.
  • Surfaces, such as door handles chairs, desks, and bathrooms are cleaned and disinfected throughout the day.
  • Once your appointment is complete, we have enacted an additional $10 Covid-charge to help us ensure a safe environment for you. Thank you for understanding.
  • Switched to secure electronic patient forms, allowing you to fill out and sign documents on-the-go, or from the comfort of your house.
  • Improved clinical patient communication; our dental office has adopted 2-way messaging, allowing us to connect quickly and easily with each patient through phone or text.

The Dental store took every precaution to abide by safety standards by first requiring me to answer necessary questions regarding my health. Next requiring for me to call from the parking lot to make sure there is minimum contact with other people. My temperature was taken and Anna was wearing a face shield and mask as she worked on cleaning my teeth. Also there was a tube facing me circulating air. I felt completely safe and appreciated the steps taken in order for me to get my teeth cleaned.

Geri Penz, 5 Stars on Google

Been going to The Dental Store for several years. Very courteous, and nice staff. Appointments are always on time. The clinic is very beautiful and clean. COVID prevention protocols observed. We moved to a different town but I still drive out to The Dental Store. It’s not easy finding a new dentist. Julia Goma, the hygienist, is really good, courteous, gentle and professional.. My kids love her too.

Kabui Kabui, 5 Stars on Google

I visited the Dental Store to have my semi-annual cleaning. They are taking the pandemic very seriously and have many precautions in place. I was very happy to see how they have put up protection barriers for each area and how my dental hygienist explained everything she was doing and the changes they made since my last cleaning.

Highly recommend the Dental Store and LANA.

Christine Fraser, 5 Stars on Google

I recently came in to treat a tooth ache and was blow away by the new safety precautions (i.e. plexiglass barriers, air filtration units and additional PPE for Doctors/ employees) The staff was so friendly and made me feel very comfortable. Highly recommend!

Irving Kolesky, 5 Stars on Google

This is a great team and I have been coming here for years. They’ve done a wonderful job and taking new steps to prepare the safety of the patients in the cove at 19. Great job team

Marlies Banz, 5 Stars on Google

Dental store was up to date with COVID-19 requirements. Staff was courteous and friendly. I would not be worried to visit the dentist at this location.

Mahendra Shah, 5 Stars on Google

The Dental Store were available for my son’s emergency tooth extraction. We were met at the door with care and professionalism. The assistant took time to explain COVID measures in place to ensure all our safety and scanned both me and my son. The extraction went without worry and was quite fast. By the time we reached home my boy was free of discomfort. Thank you.

Mark Piotrowski, 5 Stars on Google