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Invisalign vs. Braces

Invisible aligners are a fantastic choice for keeping teeth healthy and avoiding orthodontic surgery. Often, parents are hesitant about whether to use braces or invisible aligners for their children. Some don’t want them to be noticeable. In this article, we will discuss the advantages of invisible aligners and how to save money with our experts at Dental Store, compare invisible aligners to braces, and discuss when it’s appropriate to remove them.

Invisalign vs. Braces

Invisalign is a treatment that uses clear aligners to straighten teeth. Braces are used to keep the aligners in place, but can be removed when eating or brushing teeth, unlike invisible aligners.

Why is it Important to Correct Crooked Teeth?

Crooked teeth can cause discomfort and pain, aesthetic issues like gaps between teeth or overlapping teeth, and can make you more susceptible to cavities and gum diseases due to your mouth not functioning correctly.

When Should Braces or Invisible Aligners be Removed?

When it comes to Invisalign vs. Braces, they should both be removed when the teeth are straight. Also, consider removing them if you’re pleased with the treatment results and wish to maintain them until your next visit. If no further changes are required, our dentist will discuss with you if it’s okay to leave them in place for a more extended period (e.g., a year).

If your child has been wearing braces or aligners for an extended period (over two years), it would be wise to see an orthodontist every six months. This way, they can closely monitor their growth and not miss any significant stage during this crucial life phase. This is where everything else seems more important than having healthy and beautiful teeth.

What is Dental Aesthetics?

Dental aesthetics is a process of enhancing the appearance of the teeth. Treating cavities and dark spots on the teeth is an important part of dental aesthetics. Most patients visiting the dentist have issues with their gums, which could be caused by cavities or excessive tobacco and caffeine use. Straightening crooked teeth is where orthodontics and aesthetics meet.


Orthodontics is an advanced technology that will help your children grow healthy teeth and a beautiful smile. Invisalign is an excellent option for straightening teeth without noticeable braces. Consult with our ortho experts at the Dental Store for Invisalign in Schaumburg to determine the best option for you.