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Dental Prosthesis – Which Option is Right for Me?

Everyone wants to have a healthy and beautiful smile. If you have missing teeth, this can affect your quality of life. In this article we will explain the different types of dental prostheses, so that you can choose the one that is best for you. There are several reasons why a person may need a dental prosthesis. If you have lost or missing teeth, it is a good idea to talk to your dentist about your options. A prosthetic solution for a missing tooth can improve your quality of life and make it easier for you to eat.

Dental Prosthesis

Dental prostheses can be divided into three main types: dental implants, dental bridges, and removable dentures. Each type has certain advantages and/or disadvantages. Read on to find out!

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a more permanent solution than other types of dentures. They integrate directly into your jawbone and surrounding tissue. Implants also mimic the natural teeth in your mouth, allowing you to bite and chew your food normally again.

The downside is that they require jaw bone surgery to securely fix them, which can be painful, time-consuming, and expensive. Also keep in mind that multiple surgeries may be necessary if the implant on the first attempt is not properly fixed or if other teeth need to be replaced later (this often occurs when applying long-term treatment plans).

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges consist of fixing artificial crowns or “false teeth”. This is done to the roots of existing natural teeth using metal anchors called abutments. Since there is no need for surgery with this type of prosthesis, the overall risk is lower than implants.

Bridges; however, requires more maintenance over time, as they will have several parts that could potentially become loose over time due to their lack of integration with the bone structure like an implant would seamlessly integrate into your jawbone if implanted correctly without causing any damage to the jawbone. Insertion or removal from its position within the oral cavity during normal day-to-day activities, such as eating, sleeping, etc. is something that can be accomodated.

Removable Dentures

Removable dentures have a number of advantages: Easy to clean and maintain – This type of denture is easy to remove, so you can easily clean it after each meal or at the end of the day.

The biggest disadvantage of a removable denture is that it cannot be permanently attached. That is, you will have to take it off every night before you go to sleep and put it back on in the morning. Also, it is recommended to use more cleaning solutions than just toothpaste and daily floss.

What is the most recommended dental prosthesis for most patients?

Dental implants are the most recommended dental prosthesis. They are used for fixed prostheses and removable prostheses, as well as for bridges that replace missing teeth with artificial teeth. That being said, you should consult with your dentist for the best option for your particular situation. Here at The Dental Store, we are proud to offer all kinds of prostheses in house.