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Dental Care Should Not Be Delayed

Dental Care Should Not Be Delayed

As our nation begins to lift stay at home orders due to the COVID-19 pandemic, dental care should not be delayed any further. For some patients, they’ve put off their preventative hygiene care for 3 months now. For others, they’ve been in pain dealing with a toothache because they weren’t sure if it was safe to visit the dentist. Last week, we discussed the importance of dental care as an essential service. This week we will explore when it’s vital to seek treatment in the dental office.

Immune Function

We must keep our mouths healthy in order to keep our immune systems working well, fighting diseases, viruses, and other pathogens that aim to attack our bodies. When you are dealing with an infected tooth, dental decay, or gum disease it not only affects oral health but your whole body. Your immune system will be too busy fighting issues in your mouth and unable to perform its normal anti-inflammatory duties. This could allow viruses to easily enter the body and make you sick.

Seek Treatment Right Away

If you’re in pain, have swelling in your face or neck, endured a traumatic injury to your mouth, lost a filling, or have bleeding or swollen gums then you need to seek treatment right away. Tooth pain and swelling could be the result of dental decay or an infection in the jawbone. If that infection is in your mouth it’s also going throughout your entire body. An emergency dental visit is warranted immediately. The dentist can address your needs and get you on an antibiotic to help relieve the infection and pain.

An injury to your face or mouth should be addressed with a dental visit as soon as possible. The doctor may take an x-ray to determine the severity of the injury. After that, they can make a plan to restore your smile. If you’ve noticed a cracked or missing filling this should also warrant a visit. By addressing the issue right away you reduce the risk of breaking or fracturing the tooth more. Sometimes when a tooth has broken to the gumline it makes it harder to restore. By addressing a chip or fracture sooner than later it will save you time and money in the office.

Should I Come For My Cleaning?

Yes, you should come in for your hygiene care to remove hardened deposits of tartar and for your routine check-up. This should be a priority if you’ve been diagnosed with gingivitis or periodontal disease in the past. Gum disease is an infection. The healthier you can keep your mouth with preventative care in the dental office the healthier your whole body will be. Dental hygienists are trained specialists in disease prevention. They pride themselves on keeping your mouth in tip-top shape in order to positively impact your total health.

We understand this may be the first time you’ve left your home for something other than a trip to the grocery store or pharmacy.  However, rest assured we are prepared with protocols on keeping the Dental Store office clean and safe for all our patients. We are here for you and look forward to seeing you soon!